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Email Marketing

Features of bulk email service providers in Canada

Following are the salient features of the e-mail marketing services provided by our company:

  • Users are able to deliver one million emails within a span of just 24 hours.
  • Email design aspects – Backs HTML, JPG, and content.
  • Spam check apps are used prior to delivery of the emails.
  • Customized emails can be delivered.
  • Managing groups.
  • Scheduler facilities.
  • Attachment files support.
  • Open rate statistics.
  • Reporting and statistics.
  • Unsubscribe rate.
  • Click through statistics.
  • Supports all varieties of Application Program Interfaces (APIs).
  • Bounce rate which demonstrates both hard and soft bounce statistics, too.

What are the advantages offered by bulk email service providers in Canada?

Given below are the salient benefits that one can get by availing the services offered by the bulk email service providers in Canada:

  • Promotion of your products or services via bulk email.
  • Reasonably priced marketing choices.
  • Minimal time requirement.
  • In-house marketing organization.
  • Promotion of trade name.
  • No necessity of employing marketing professionals.
  • Identifying your targeted customers.
  • Receiving responses within 24 hours.
  • Budget efficient in comparison to other marketing services.

When you choose an email campaign, it will allow you to deliver bulk electronic direct mails to a huge database via the mailer of your choice. The database will be created by storing data regarding your target audience in various categories.

Social Media & Email Marketing

Although social media seems to have taken its place at the top of the advertising food chain, email marketing services remains a vital method to reach your audience – especially when you combine your email and social media efforts. When you use email marketing services, you can post sign-up forms on your Facebook and Twitter pages to grow your contact list. You can also schedule posts on the most popular social media platforms and track your followers’ engagement with your posts, which helps you learn what works and what doesn’t to get your readers interested in your business.


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